About us
We are Josien and Hein; married and both biblical Christians and therefor certainly no churchmembers; neither of any sort or sect nor in any other way church-connected, because that cannot go along with being a biblical-Christian. Why not?! Because churches and churchmembers are on the broad churchroad hand-in-hand with paganism, masonry, politics, etc. and in that way churches and churchmembers are in fact the world where Christians are supposed to be set-apart from before GOD.

And beside the broad churchroad there is also the pagan foundation of those churches; the church-trinity-godhead or binitarism. And also church-hierarchy and church-paid-employement where Christians believe the Gospel according to Jesus in John 17:3 and believe in one true GOD and in one Lord instead. Of course Christians are not a collective-worldly-movement and certainly not in hierarchy and not to be paid, because they are eachothers equals and Jesus paid the price with his life at the cross... There are many more differences between churchmembers and Christians; in faith, in behaviour, acting and fruit.

Why we started 'Sign2God' ?
In March-2002 Josien and I started to develop Sign2God because of the many shortages and deceptions leading to disfigurement we saw within the churches; shortages leading to a defect faith, a lack of personal service and ever more introductions of deceptive- and occult teachings nobody seemed to notice. Josien and I realized we had to counter the churches and the churchways in a biblical way and started Sign2God: a Biblestudy according to the Gospel, according to the teachings of Jesus and apostles; and according to their ways in the Bible. And of course we are aming at every person personally; everyone that wants a truely biblical faith leading to a new- and changing life according to what Jesus asks and commands. Doing that we each are 'a sign to GOD'.

Almost 15 years later...
We started Sign2God in 2002 so we are now almost living 15 years after. And even more now we are showing and teaching the biblical Gospel according to Jesus in Joh 17:3 and how a biblical founded faith accordingly is in 1 true GOD and in 1 Lord also. And of course also how a biblical faith starts and how very personal that start has to be and has to stay; in choice, in acting according to that choice (baptism to Jesus followed by the laying on of hands to GOD), changing and growing in the Fruit of the Spirit; just as Jesus asks of all Christians. The ill-, deceptive- and disfiguring churchways are even worse now than 10 years ago!

Churches have been growing into huge corporations merging with paganism, masonry and politics giving their members the encouragement and example of becoming worldly and pagan instead of set-apart to honour GOD and Jesus. Churches are in that way not only connected with the world, but instead they are the world.

Sign2God will continue to tell everybody to leave those worldly institutions called 'churches' or 'churchmovements' in order to choose to become a Christian, because becoming/being a Christian cannot go hand-in-hand with attending church or being a churchmember at all!


Questions or remarks can be mailed to: 'react@Sign2God.com'.