How the Feasts GOD appointed contain & reveal

Gods Eternal Salvation Plan

Churches and leaders have always had various reasons not to comply to what GOD demands or to what GOD appointed for everyone. They even fabricated their own church-faith, church-rules, church-days and church-feasts; in that way almost everything GOD established for us has been abolished or altered or founded on paganism...

However: Gods Days of Feast cannot be changed at all, because Gods Eternal Salvation Plan lays in each one of those Feastingdays! Every Feast tells us a certain part of Gods Salvation Plan; from Creation until eternal life in Heaven.

Besides that: keeping Gods Feasts shapes- and prepares God Children for what is going to happen. Certainly not something you would want to miss out on!

Eternal foundations of the Eternal Almighty GOD
GOD appointed the Feasts for all of His Children. Everyone belonging to GOD will honour what GOD has founded/appointed for them. In case of the Feasts it goes even further: the Feasts shape- and prepare Gods Children for what is going to take place; even into eternity!

Keeping the Feast for preparation; nothing to be 'earned'
Though with keeping the Feasts nothing can be 'earned': it does prepare the Children of GOD for what is laying ahead for them and also a pro-active attitude is requiered! The same applies to all other 'established foundations' by GOD as:

Revelation 14:12 - Christians/Gods Peoples keep God's Commandments + have faith in Jesus
'Here is a call for the endurance of God’s peoples, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.'.

All Children of GOD will gladly accept and embrace what GOD has established for them. In connection with the Eternal Majesty living according to His Foundations will shape- and prepare them for an eternal future with the Eternal Majesty in Heaven! .

How Gods Feasts contain Gods Salvation Plan
GOD has also put his Eternal Almight in the Feasts HE appointed; the Feasts show His Salvation Plan from start (Creation - Sabbath) to eternity with GOD (monthly drinking living water - New Moon).

Many have no idea how Gods Feasts contain Gods Eternal Salvation. That is why we will illustrate and explain how that is the case for each Feast with the Bible:


Salvation from sin

Returning of Jesus

Taken up and living with GOD in Heaven

God's Feasts, NOT 'Jewish feasts'
The first reaction people give to the Feasts GOD appointed always seems to be 'aren't that the Jewish feasts?'

No! GOD appointed His Eternal Plan of Salvation for all His Children.

Moreover: GOD isnot 'Jewish', but HE is the Eternal Majesty in Heaven. And HE lived long before HE created humans and also long before Jewish people even existed. It is the son of GOD that was born a Jew. But it was GOD that appointed the Feasts; not the son of GOD.

Also it is very important to know, that the Jewish feasts are NOT equal to Gods Feasts; not in appointed days and not as the days are placed on the calendar.

Jewish priests have altered Gods Calendar and Days out of worldly-, pagan- and economical motives. They ended up with am occult calendar simular to the Jerobeam-calendar. The currently used calendar of the Pharisees according to the Hillel-II-agreement of the 4th Century have lead them there. Some examples of the changes they made:

In short: the Feasts of GOD are definately not 'the feasts of the Jews'!

God's Feast - Our future!
God's Eternal Plan of Salvation has only began; the moment of the return of Jesus didnot even come yet. So: it is good to know that the Plan of GOD is still valid and coming for everyone.

Nothing can be 'earned' in keeping the Feasts of GOD, but keeping the Feasts is thé pro-active way of preparing for what is to come in the future. You will be very aware there is such a future and that it will happen; even for eternity. That pro-active way and awareness will shape you and keep you awake to that future: an eternal Feast with the Eternal GOD in Heaven!