About Fruit of the Spirit & eternal life!
From the Creation on GOD had the intention to give His Children eternal life, but unfortenately satan changed all that by tempting Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit and consequently they were seperated from GOD, which lead to their death. And also the humans after Adam and Eve are standing seperated from GOD because of what they did back then with the same consequences...

Fortunately GOD sent us Jesus so we could be saved and so we can come to GOD through His Spirit [Ef 2:18] by Jesus [John 14:6 + Gal 3:27]. In Christ and in Spirit connected to GOD you are living forever just as the Eternal GOD lives forever!

Only: personal 'fruit' is needed; 'fruit' that grows from within and is shown from 'the outside' in how you behave, walk, talk, help, etc. It is Fruit of the Spirit that grows from active Service according to all Gods Commandmentswith the Spiritual Gifts which one receives by the laying on of hands after the baptism by immersion.

Only in that way there is Fruit of the Spirit; and only whit that Fruit there is eternal life. Without that Fruit there is eternal death

Geestesvrucht dmv actieve inzet van de Geestesgaven is nodig om eeuwig leven te krijgen!

Which 'fruit' is there?!
On the one hand there is Fruit of the Spirit which becomes visable in a person and his/her doings and is described by the Bible as follows:

The Fruit of the Spirit is needed according to the Bible/Jesus

That Fruit 'as a package-total' you do need when you want to get eternal life and when you want to see the return of Jesus; you have to be grown in that Fruit personally.

Also bad fruit exists; fruit of a pagan religions / being without the Spiritual Gifts/ not going out actively
On the other hand there also is the bad fruit of satan that shows personally in selfishness / egoism; and that fruit willnot receive eternal life, but eternal death, which is very logic of course too, because that bad fruit shallnot be given life to contaminate and destroy eternally! Here are some examples of that fruit of satan:

The fruit of selfishness/egoism planted by satan willnot receive eternal life!

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