STOP & quit your old life!

Check whether you are living an old life!
There are many ways of living one's life; and mostly it is done without any thinking, research or planning at all. Often people just do as they were taught by their parent or just following their example. Or just following the way of the crowd...

Check your current life underneath & mark the boxes accordingly
in mind

What is wrong with that old life ?!?
That old life deforms you into an unpleasant- but seemingly nice way which only becomes clear when you are able to see the consequences of that old life; for you, the people around you, society and the environment...

No wonder why all those papers and TV-newflashes are filled with terrorism, wars, violence, theft, murder, addictions, vandalism, hate and egoism; those nasty things are the direct consequences belonging to that 'old life'; whether you knew or not!

GOD however wants people to live forever, but not when they are living an old life leading them and the people around them to those nasty consequences, because GOD doesnot want eternal misery! Instead GOD expects of each and every human to go through a certain 'internship' in which he or she leaves that old life behind and quits with everything belonging to that old life.

Quit with your old life because it leads to death

Just take a moment to realize where you are standing right now and to ask yourself what road you are walking on, where it will take you and how you like the personal consequences for you? Is that what you want and desire for yourself and others?!?