START with a new life & leave everything old behind

Huge Clean-up - start a new life!
And old life has caused -perceived or unperceived- a great pile of rubble or even multiple piles in your life. And let's be honest: you really want to get rid of that rubble so you can start fresh and new.

Rubble-causing things in your life may be: addictions, practicing paganism, aiming for your career only, aiming for sex, lust for money, etc. All that may have damaged your mental and bodily health, your social life, your bankaccount and your family-ties. Many perceived- and unperceived things may have a place in your life.How to track them? Most of them can be found when you test your life against the 10-Commandments of GOD.

test your life against Gods Commandments!

After the tracking of - THE CLEANING-UP!
Now you know Gods Commandments and you have put your life trough the test you know what you have damaged and why you are in trouble with GOD and possibly with other people around you. No time like the present to leave all that old misery behind; for now and in future! You now know what it is GOD asks from you so you quit with all going against it; to leave it truely behind you:

Try to get your life in order with what GOD asks as soon as you can. And while trying/cleaning you can ask Gods Help and/or forgiveness of what you have done or where you went wrong 'again' incidentally. You can talk to Jesus too; in mind or out loud. That is called "praying".

  • Click here & read about biblical prayer (is different from church-prayer!).
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  • Click here & get to know GOD.

    When you think your 'cleaning-up' has succeeded and you also know who GOD- and who Jesus are and you have shared your life with them too in prayer it is time to take the next step so that state of your life will be kept and saved in Christ!

    The Jesusbaptism is in the name of Jesus only
    The baptism with faith is always done in the name of Jesus only; and of course with a biblical faith according to what Jesus says in John 17:3 - eternal life for those that believe in one true GOD and in one Lord Jesus.