John 14:6 - Jesus is the only way to GOD

Jesus - created by GOD
Jesus began to live after GOD created him; that was long before GOD started creating everything else. So Jesus can be called Gods Firstfruit; The first of Creation.

Jesus was created by GOD before HE started the Creation

Consequently Jesus lived before Earth was created; and Jesus lived in the presence of GOD. Jesus was at Gods Side when HE started creating; Jesus even participated, because he tells us during that time he was 'Gods master workman'.

Jesus lived before the Earth was created; he was the master-workman of GOD

Still Jesus wasnot announced by GOD; that happened many years later when he was send by GOD to save us from sin. Jesus came long after Abraham was chosen by GOD, long after Moses was given the 10 Commandments and long after the Temple in Jerusalem had been restored after the Babylonian Exile.

GOD sent us Jesus; and in that way Jesus was announced to the world

After all that GOD sent Jesus to Earth in order to save us from our sin. And Jesus went and came as the fruit of GOD who is Spirit (Joh 4:24) and the human female Mary. In this way GOD announced Jesus to the world and at the same time Gods Plan to save the world in sin was revealed also. Jesus showed us the true character- and wil of GOD; he knew GOD like no-one else, because he lived in the presence of GOD!

The true date of birth of Jesus is in autumn; not in winter!

Jesus came and gave himself as a clean offering at the cross in order that we could be saved from sin; and GOD accepted his bodily offer. GOD woke Jesus from the death, gave him the special title 'Lord' and put him above all creatures in Heaven and on Earth. GOD even asks of all those creatures to worship the Lord just as they worship GOD (John 5:23).

Jesus is alive and sits as High Priest next to GOD in Heaven

In that way Jesus became the High Priest of GOD and our Mediator. Also GOD decided no-one can come to GOD then by Jesus.

GOD woke Jesus from the death and gave him a special title and worship that goes with that title

the Gospel according to Jesus in John 17:3


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