How to connect to GOD & the Spiritual Gifts

About how to connect to GOD & the Spiritual Gifts according to the Bible

GOD isnot Jesus, so connecting to GOD isnot the same as connecting to Jesus
Now you know and believe that the only Eternal GOD created and sent Jesus to us it won't be a suprise that connecting to GOD is done differently then joining Jesus. GOD is Spirit and joining GOD is done through His Spirit!

The Gospel according to Jesus in John 17:3

  • Joining Jesus by the baptism of faith by immersion; zie Gal 3:27
  • Joining GOD through Gods Spirit by the laying on of hands; Eph. 2:18 and Acts 8:18

    connecting to GOD by Gods Spirit; joining Jesus by baptism

    Laying on of hands leading to Spirit and Gifts
    The apostles teach us and show us that after the pouring out of the Spirit the baptism in the name of Jesus followed by the laying on of hands leading to the receiving of the Spirit and the Spiritual Gifts.

    Baptism in the name of Jesus followed by the laying on of hands leading to receipt of Spirit and Gifts

  • On the one hand the laying on of hands connects to GOD by His Spirit;
  • On the other hand one receives the Spiritual Gifts one needs when going out personally in Service of GOD.

    The Gifts of the Spirit - Gods Tools for personal activity!
    When you receive the Spiritual Gifts you are actually connected to GOD and you will have to put them the Gifts to use. Only with His Guidance through that connection you can put the Gifts into good-use; according to Gods Wil!

    Christ ask of every Christian that he or she 'goes out, brings the Gospel, teaches, baptizes, etc. (Matthew 28:19). Only in that way you grow in the Fruit of the Spirit' and only in that way you can come to eternal life and meeting Jesus according to Jesus in Matthew Chapter 25.

    Which Gifts of the Spirit are available?
    The Bible writes about the Gifts of the Spirit as follows:

    What the Bible tells about the Gifts of the Spirit

    Also the Bible ranks the Gifts from major to minor:

    Geestesgaven gerangschikt naar belangrijkheid en inzet

    Clearly not every person gets the same Gifts, so wanting everyone to have the same Gifts is going against GOD that hands out those Gifts. And moreover can be said that the Gift of Tongues is the minor of all Gifts; and one should try to grow to the major Gifts!

    By renewal receiving the Gifts again & with a special taks
    When circumstances occur that a person will have to fulfil a new task GOD can decide to give a renewal of the Gifts; this is done by special prayer with the laying on of hands.

    The Gifts of the Spirit are to put in active use for others and according to all Gods Commandments. Only in that one can grow in the Fruit of the Spirit. And only then there is eternal life and one will see Jesus returning!

    WARNING: no active use leads to eternal death!
    The Bible / apostles give a loud warning to everyone that receives the Gifts of the Spirit: when you do not put them to use you will face eternal death and at the same time there is no forgiveness for it either!!!!

    WARNING - not using the Gifts leads to unforgivable situation of eternal death!!!!

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