Who is GOD ?!

The Eternal Majesty who created Jesus and everything else
GOD is the only- eternal and almighty GOD; HE is without begin and without end. That is why HE is also called 'The Eternal One'.

GOD according to the Bible

The name of GOD is 'YHWH' or 'JHWH' pronounced as 'Adonai'; so not as 'Jahwe' or 'Jehova' as some theologians and churches do!

GOD is Spirit and has no visable figure, but can be seen as a clouth, a fiery clouth or as fire.

GOD is Spirit and has no visable figure, but HE can be seen as a clouth, a fiery clouth or as fire

GOD is the father of Jesus, because HE created Jesus first; long before HE started creating everything else. This is why GOD is called 'father' of Jesus and all other creatures.

GOD: Creator of Jesus, humans, Heaven and Earth according to the Bible

GOD created everything with and through Jesus; and Jesus was His Master Workman during Creation!

GOD created everything with His Master-workman Jesus

A very long time after GOD revealed Jesus by sending him to us to save us from our sins; and Jesus went voluntary. At the same time Jesus revealed to us the character of GOD and how GOD would bring us Salvation by the crucifixion of his son Jesus

GOD sent us Jesus

3 nights and days after the Crucifixion GOD woke Jesus from the death; and after the ascension to Heaven Jesus was given the special title 'Lord' by GOD and with it the ordained worship of all creatures in Heaven and on Earth.

GOD gave Jesus the title 'Lord' and the worship belonging to that title

At a moment only GOD knows HE will send Jesus again to us; all Gods Children will live and meet him in the air; together with Jesus and the angels GOD will bring them to HIM in Heaven. At the end Jesus will return to GOD his kingdom and all received power; and then GOD will be all in all.

GOD will be all in all when Jesus returns his kingdom and received power to GOD


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