Time of End - only faith can save

Knowledge of what will come to pass will neither make someone a Christian nor will it save anyone. Not your knowledge, but what you believe will determine everything!

Then why talking and teaching about the Time of End from the Scriptures of the Bible? In order to put a stop to deception leading to malformation. Now -in the Time of End- there are many theories of many persons and connecting organisations just as it was back in time when Jesus came to Earth and many false Messiahs appeared and mislead many people to follow them. Many are deceived again.

The Time of End according to the Bible is very clear and tells us about:

It is very clear that the Bible doesnot teach about 'instant Heaven or Hell after death' as the churches do. Also the provided timeline doesnot place Armageddon after the descending of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Neither does the Bible provide more sorts or kinds of resurrections than the two described; nor does it say anything about additional options for eternal life (later on).

Again: the Bible provides this insight and knowledge which we show to prevail deceipt and malformation, but in the end it is only true faith that can save you! Only when that faith has lead to Spiritual Fruit by proactive action of your side.

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